Let’s talk about the difference between financial tactics and financial mindset. Most people don’t realize that these are actually two different things — but the magic happens when we bring them together!

Financial Tactics

This is essentially what you’ll read about online or in books. It’s what a Certified Financial Planner™ gives you to reach your goals. These are the apps, the strategies, the budget plans, and the different ways to invest your money. The insurance recommendations, the retirement accounts, etc. 

There is so much that exists on the tactical side. And make no mistake, this is an extremely important piece of financial education. So much of my work is focused on maximizing the dollars to get the most benefit out of them, and this is going to require tactics and strategies. 

Financial Mindset

Okay, we all know that it’s not enough to know what to do. We also need to know how to do it

For example: healthy eating. I know I need to and should be doing it… but I’m not. Why? Well, that’s the big question. When you can understand the WHY behind an action (or non-action), you can make changes. 

Money Scripts

We all have certain “scripts” in our heads (conscious and subconscious) about money and its role in our life. 

Now, your money script could be that everything always works out and there’s always enough money. Or, it could be telling you that money is scarce and requires 12+ hour days at work. 

Money scripts will show you how you relate to your money. For example, I grew up with a money script that told me hard work, long hours, and burnout were the keys to being financially comfortable. 

These money scripts aren’t good or bad. Instead, they’re simply a learned belief based on what served us at a certain point in time. When I was taking a full load in college and working full time to pay my expenses, that money script did me a huge service. 

But now, as a career woman and business owner, that money script actually does more harm than good. So, I’ve had to change my script in order to support my current life, with 2 kids and one on the way. 

Why is This Important? 

So often, I have clients come into my office who have done everything “right.” They’ve saved, they’ve invested, and they want to retire now. 

But many of them have a money script that tells them they need to save — not spend. So the idea of kicking back in retirement and spending all that money they had saved their entire lives feels almost impossible to grasp. 

If we don’t focus on this mindset, and only focus on the tactics our entire lives, we’re almost guaranteed to run into a problem like this. 

We should always be looking at tactics in conjunction with our money and our lives. 

I truly believe that all money, every dollar you spend, should bring you joy and fulfillment. And if it’s not, there’s some work to be done on your financial mindset! 

Money CAN be a source of fulfillment. It’s all about the perspective of how you see your money… so that we can truly live wealthy NOW. 

So I’d encourage you to examine your relationship with money. How is it right now, and how could it be improved?


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