See your money differently.

Are you ready for a budgeting system that works the way you do, and that helps you see where your money is going?


Budgetingblocks™ Was Created for Couples Just Like You.

Visualize Your Monthly Income and Expenses

without staring at a complex spreadsheet

How to use the blocks

Use Blocks to Visualize Your Budget

Using 300 blocks, you can visualize your expenses, income, debt, and “leftover cash” to create a budget that is unlike anything else you’ve used before. No more boring spreadsheets, envelope systems, or stressful numbers to calculate. This is a highly visual, interactive budgeting process that has helped our customers and clients develop a budget that actually works for them.

Create a Budget That Works for You

  • Does it feel like you’ve tried every budgeting system under the sun?

  • Do you get emotional just thinking about looking at your budget?

  • Is money a topic of tension with your spouse, and budget systems have just made it worse?

  • It’s likely because you’ve never had a system that works the way you do… and you’re not starting in the right place.

Make It a Date!

Set aside time to explore the BudgetingBlocks™ with your spouse. You’ll get clear on your money values, you’ll see how much money (blocks) you have to work with, and where your money is going. No confusing spreadsheets. Just blocks you can stack, move, and play with!

Gamify budget night 

Whether you’re new to budgeting or are a little burnt out on the budgeting systems you’ve tried… BudgetingBlocks™ offers a new approach: play and connection.

Who said budgets can’t be fun?

300 blocks to represent the money you have to spend & save each month

Finally feel like you’re on the same page

Other budget systems feel like a fight. This one encourages you two to have fun.

Simple, clear visuals make it easy

Complex calculations and spreadsheets have no power here. See your budget clearly.

What you’ll receive

The Budgetingblocks™ System Gives You:

  • 300 blocks in two colors

  • The Budget Blocks Values Exercise

  • Expense and income trackers

  • Your new budget!

Made just for you by a Certified Financial Planner™

I’m Hannah Moore, CFP® and owner of Guiding Wealth, a financial planning firm. I’ve been a CFP® for nearly a decade and, in that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples across various ages and income brackets.

With nearly every couple, I’ve had a first-row seat to marital disagreements about money, and I know that not everyone speaks the same money language.

So I took it upon myself to play with my clients and to find out their individual money languages.

Because — yes! — I do believe money, budgets, and financial plans can be fun.

While I was playing with different ways to approach a financial plan with a client couple, an idea came to me. Building Blocks! These particular clients had struggled with spreadsheets, envelope systems, and even other visuals I had used to explain their income and expenses

That’s How the BudgetingBlocks™ Were Born

The first time I used blocks with my clients, I knew this exercise wasn’t just for them… it would be perfect for a lot of people. I began to process through the exercise, tweaking it so it would be even more impactful for future clients.

I’ve used this BudgetingBlocks™ exercise with countless couples and, while each discovers something different, everyone has discovered something impactful that changed the way they worked with and felt about their money.