Ever feel confused and overwhelmed about personal finance?

Money Clarity is here!

Are you looking for help navigating money matters? Do you want personal support in understanding your financial situation?

Hannah is here to help.

Money matters can cause stress that leads to avoiding your financial problems. You may feel unsure of where to start.

You are not alone.

From questions about budgeting to insurance, from student loan repayment to retirement planning, personal finance topics are both vast and, at times, bewildering.

Where to turn?

While there are many books about financial advice available, no single source covers all the particulars of your personal situation. Friends and family may have advice to offer, but what’s worked for them, may not work for you. Maybe you’ve considered a personal finance rep at a bank or credit union, but realized their advice is specialized and can’t help with your general financial well-being.

That’s why Hannah Moore, CFP®, created Money Clarity: guided sessions that address your personal financial concerns and questions. Hannah can help with the uncertainties and misconceptions you have about your financial life and answer your questions.

How does Money Clarity work?


Money Clarity sessions are 60 minute Skype meetings between you and Hannah. They are packed with information, advice, and financial strategy. You can choose from one, three or six session packages. In these meetings, Hannah will help you tackle your biggest financial questions. By the time you’re finished, you will have peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

Prior to your first session, you’ll communicate via email to be certain all your questions can be addressed. If you’ve selected the three or six session packages, you’ll receive your free copy of the Everyday Money Workbook at this time as well.

At your first session, you’ll meet via Skype at a mutually convenient time, and have a fruitful 60 minute conversation. If you’re in a relationship, both partners will need to be available at the first session; a major component of financial well-being is making sure everyone agrees to a course of action. This allows goals to be created and ultimately achieved.

What Can We Expect to Accomplish?


Six Sessions

Want to create a livable and realistic budget (or review your current budget), address the beginnings of retirement and estate planning, and make big financial decisions such as purchasing or refinancing a home? In six sessions, Hannah will take an in depth look at your current financial state. You will also go through the Everyday Money Workbook with Hannah, so you can develop an open dialogue about money, have a solid plan in place for your current situation, and set financial goals for the future. This package includes a physical copy of the Everyday Money Workbook ($55 value) so you can take notes and follow along with ease.

Three Sessions

Within three sessions, Hannah can help you create or review your budget, take a high-level look at your plans for retirement and address your biggest questions about insurance, student loans, or future financial planning. If you’ve got a different set of concerns, no problem; simply inform Hannah via email beforehand and she’ll help you with your specific issues. You’ll also receive a digital copy of the Everyday Money Workbook ($30 value). In just three sessions, you will discuss finances without stress, review your current state of affairs, and begin to create a plan for your financial future.

One Session

In one session, Hannah will address your top 2-3 financial concerns. You’ll email your questions beforehand, so this power hour will be 60 minutes of laser-focused attention and advice. Financial progress never felt so good!

Who is Money Clarity a good fit for?

Money Clarity with Hannah is a perfect fit for any individual or couple with general questions and concerns about their current and/or future financial state. It’s ideal if you are uncertain if you’re doing things “right”, or if you’re on the fence about a big decision and want a professional’s take on the topic. Money Clarity is also good if you simply want another pair of eyes on your numbers — sometimes it’s hard to step outside of a situation to see the best course of action. Hannah is your best source of objective advice and information.

Who is Money Clarity NOT a good fit for?

Money Clarity is NOT ideal for those with grave amounts of credit card, medical or other debt. If you’re in that situation, Hannah recommends you check out Dave Ramsey — his books and Financial Peace University program are an ideal first step to resolving your debt issues.

Money Clarity is not a good solution for anyone hoping for white-glove service. These are hands-on strategy sessions, so the ideas and plans discussed within are entirely up to you to implement.

Money Clarity is also not ideal for those seeking investment advice. While Hannah will help you by answering general questions, troubleshooting issues, and providing tools to plan, Money Clarity sessions cannot be used for specific investment recommendations or complex issues. If you currently have a net worth in excess of one million dollars, you might be a good fit to work with Hannah HERE. Ready to invest, but not at the million dollar mark yet? Check out Vanguard, they are highly knowledgeable and can help you get started.

How do I know if Money Clarity can help me?

While Money Clarity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a great start. If you’re willing to take the steps discussed in your Money Clarity sessions, you’ll have the ability to achieve your financial goals. If you still have questions, contact Hannah at [email protected] and she’ll let you know if Money Clarity is a good fit for your situation.

Money doesn’t have to feel bad.


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