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Using 300 blocks, you can visualize your expenses, income, debt, and “leftover cash” to create a budget that is unlike anything else you’ve used before. No more boring spreadsheets, envelope systems, or stressful numbers to calculate. This is a highly visual, interactive budgeting process that has helped our customers and clients develop a budget that actually works for them.

Set aside time to explore the BudgetingBlocks™ with your spouse or partner. You’ll get clear on your money values, you’ll see how much money (blocks) you have to work with, and where your money is going. No confusing spreadsheets. Just blocks you can stack, move, and play with!

Made just for you by a Certified Financial Planner™

The BudgetingBlocks™ system gives you:

  • 300 blocks in two colors
  • The Budget Blocks Values Exercise
  • Expense and income trackers
  • Your new budget!

Whether you’re new to budgeting or are a little burnt out on the budgeting systems you’ve tried… BudgetingBlocks™ offers a new approach: play and connection.


If you are a financial planning professional, be sure to pick up your BudgetingBlocks™ from the Amplified Planning store (link). Our support for financial planning professionals is provided there!

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