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BLOG: The Number One Secret to Financial Success

Is there really a tried-and-true secret that leads to financial success? 

Yes and no. There isn’t one specific thing you can do that will guarantee financial success. But there is one “secret” strategy that makes it much easier to reach your money goals. Are you ready?

It’s automation.

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Are you ready for a budgeting system that works the way YOU do? Are you ready to see where your money is actually going?

Learn how to see your money differently with BudgetingBlocks™ . You’ll discover how to build a better budget, visualize your expenses, and the best part? It’s not a boring spreadsheet! The interactive budgeting process will help you develop a budget that works for you and your lifestyle!

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Budgeting, Setting Goals, and Choosing Trade-Offs Wisely

Before you can decide how to structure your finances, you need to see what your money can do. If you save this much each month, what sort of goal could you reach? How much earlier could you retire if you bump up your Roth contribution by a certain percentage?

Our latest blog post is all about figuring out what’s possible with your money and then making a plan to reach the goals that are important to you. Get all the details here!

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Key Financial Metrics To Help You Understand Your Money

Does the mere thought of managing your finances exhaust you? You’re not the only one! In fact, many people end up burning out on personal finance because they get overwhelmed by all the things they are “supposed” to track.

The thing is, you don’t need to know everything to manage your money well. It’s better to focus on a few key metrics, especially when you’re just starting out. Our latest blog post covers all these vital areas and includes practical tips for evaluating each one.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Every Budget Has a Story

When it comes to money, we all have a story. Maybe you had parents that taught you really great money-saving skills—keep on doing that! Or maybe you learned a lot about how to spend money, and you don’t want to continue that particular family legacy.

The best thing about being an adult, though? You can decide how to work for, spend, and save your money. Your money story is all about you. Want to rewrite your money story today? Start here!

Hannah Moore, CFP®

RESOURCES: Access Our Free Resource Library

Do you want to know what your net worth is, or get a picture of your overall assets and debts? Our simple Balance Sheet can help.

Access it and more, including our Budget Planner and Values Exercise in our free Resource Library.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Changes Ahead: How Our Financial Priorities Shift

It would be nice to think that you could create a “set it and forget it” plan to manage your finances.

But you’ll experience changes in your income, expenses, and goals throughout your life — and it’s essential to make sure your financial priorities adapt to those changes.

Our latest blog post is all about financial priorities and how they shift over time. Your lifestyle evolves as you age, and your budget should adapt to fit those changes.

Grab the Everyday Money Workbook!

Whether you’re married, in a long-term partnership, or planning to share your finances with another person, it’s important to do some planning to make sure you’re on the same page.

If you’re unsure where to begin having those important financial discussions, our Everyday Money Workbook is the perfect solution.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: What To Do When Money Feels Overwhelming

Does it feel like your money just… disappears?

If so, you aren’t the only one – it’s a fairly common problem. And you might not even know where to start to help get things under control. Money can feel overwhelming, especially at a time when there are so many economic factors to consider.

That’s why, in our latest blog post, we talk about how to deal with financial overwhelm. Whether you’ve been completely ignoring your finances or running on the fumes of your New Year’s resolution to finally make a budget, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

How to Check Your Credit Score

Did you know that there are differences between all the types of credit scores out there? No, seriously. While, FICO scores are the most commonly used by lenders, your VantageScore might be a major player when it comes to you taking out a loan.

If you’re curious how to check both and find out the key differences between the two, Money.com has a great article explaining the differences and how to check your scores to make sure you’re on track:

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Couples Finance Resource Round-Up

Working with your partner on your finances is important for every couple, whether you’re married, in an LTR, or engaged and preparing for your wedding. Practicing good money management as a team can help you build a stronger relationship together.

Easier said than done, right? To help you have those tough money conversations and feel good about your finances together, check out our Couples Finance Resource Round-Up here!