BLOG: Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the financial world right now.

And there’s no shortage of opinions — you can easily find someone telling you to invest everything in crypto, but you can just as easily find someone else telling you that you’re better off lighting your money on fire. As in most cases, the truth is somewhere in between. There are some potential benefits to investing in cryptocurrency, and there are downsides as well.

What are some of those pros and cons? We’re covering them in our latest blog post.

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BLOG: How to Start Investing

Have you ever thought about investing?

There are many potential benefits, but with all the different options and strategies, it can feel pretty overwhelming.

Where do you start? And is it even worth it if you’re older or don’t have a lot of disposable income? Yes! It’s never too late to start investing — and it doesn’t have to be super complicated.

BLOG: Protect Yourself From Financial Uncertainty With an Emergency Fund

We know. Having an emergency fund is Financial Advice 101, but we’re talking about it again anyway. Because it’s that important. Building an emergency fund truly is one of the best things you can do for your financial stability.
Want to learn more about why an emergency fund is so important? That’s what we’re covering in our latest blog post. We’ve got practical advice about how to protect yourself and your finances from uncertainty.
👉 Read the full post here!

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BLOG: What to Do When You’re Feeling Guilty After Spending Money

If you tend to feel guilty following a purchase, you aren’t alone. Money guilt is something most of us struggle with from time to time. But even though it’s common, it’s not necessarily a good thing.

If you’re constantly feeling bad for spending money, it can cloud your financial decisions and prevent you from enjoying the things you buy.

What’s the solution? That’s what we’re talking about in our latest blog post. It’s all about overcoming spending guilt. We’ve got thoughts on what causes these feelings and tips on combating them.

BLOG: Why You Should Consider Investing in Experiences, Not Things

Have you ever noticed that spending money on an experience feels different than purchasing an item? Most people feel happier spending money on experiences. There are lots of different reasons:

That doesn’t mean buying things is bad — there are lots of things we need! But when you’re deciding how to use your “fun money,” consider investing in an experience instead of just buying something that will only bring you temporary happiness. Read our whole post on prioritizing experiences here: 

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BLOG: Are You Afraid of Making More Money?

Increasing your income can be a little stressful, especially if you’re worried about paying higher tax rates or losing eligibility for certain tax credits. Is that potential raise or side gig going to end up costing you more in taxes than it’s worth? When talking about taxes, is the promotion really all that valuable?

We understand how confusing it can be, especially with all the misinformation and unqualified advice out there. That’s why we’re covering this topic in our newest blog post.