Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: What's Your Money Personality?

How often do you come across personality assessments that have to do with money? You don’t see talk of money personalities that often, which is why we put together this blog! Here are four common money personalities based on how money makes you feel, typical behavior with money, and suggestions for making the most of your personality type.

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Are you ready for a budgeting system that works the way you do, and that helps you see where your money is going? Then the BudgetingBlocks™ system was designed just for you. Visualize your monthly income and expenses without staring at a complex spreadsheet.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Family Needs & Finances in a Post-COVID World

Because of the pandemic, our lives have totally changed. Your finances probably look different, too. If your finances and family life have been impacted, you might be wondering how you can manage those changes. Here are some tips.

Hannah Moore, CFP®


You might hear “budget” and think “No way!” or “Oh great, another thing to make me feel bad.” But budgets don’t have to be that way. They can be fun and simple, and they can make you feel closer as a couple. The Everyday Money Budgeting Challenge will show you how.

BLOG: Voting with Your Dollars

Most of us think of voting as what you do once a year, or every four years. But, you can vote with your dollars. Mindfully spend, invest, or donate your money to causes you care about and businesses you want to support.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

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