Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Set Your Budget (and Yourself) Up For Success in 2021

While you’ll need to be a bit more flexible than usual with your budget — flexibility is one thing 2020 taught us — it’s worth having some kind of plan set in place. Not planning ahead financially in an uncertain future can be far worse. It’s time to start planning your budget for the upcoming year. Here’s how you can do that.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: What's Your Money Personality?

How often do you come across personality assessments that have to do with money? You don’t see talk of money personalities that often, which is why we put together this blog! Here are four common money personalities based on how money makes you feel, typical behavior with money, and suggestions for making the most of your personality type.

Get Your BudgetingBlocks™ Today!

2020 was rough enough. Why force yourself to stick to a budget that makes you feel bad? Give yourself a new budgeting system if the “old way” of budgeting isn’t for you.

BudgetingBlocks™ offers a new approach to finances: play and connection. 

Hannah Moore, CFP®

RESOURCES: Access Our Free Resource Library

Do you want to know what your net worth is, or get a picture of your overall assets and debts? Our simple Balance Sheet can help. Access it and more, including our Budget Planner and Values Exercise in our free Resource Library.

Hannah Moore, CFP®

BLOG: Our 4 Tips for Budgeting with Uncertainty

If you struggled with budgeting the past few months because of COVID-19, you’re definitely not alone. The uncertainty many of us faced — and continue to face every day — made budgeting even more challenging. However, it’s worth giving your personal and family finances some structure.  

PODCAST: Best Friends Finance

In this episode of @bestfriendsfinance, Hannah asks us, “What does financial security look like for you?” It’s about so much more than numbers, spreadsheets and amassing a big pile of money. We discuss planning for your future while still living a wealthy life now.