Help your clients see their money differently

Do your clients struggle to understand cash flow?

Have you shared budgeting systems with clients in the past, but know they’re not really helping?

Are you ready for a budgeting system that works the way you do, and that helps you see where your money is going?

That’s why I created the BudgetingBlocks™.

I’m Hannah Moore, CFP® and owner of Guiding Wealth, a financial planning firm. I’ve been a financial planner for nearly a decade and, in that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples across various ages and income brackets.

With nearly every couple, I’ve had a first-row seat to marital disagreements about money, and I know that not everyone learns about money the same way. 

So I took it upon myself to play with my clients and to find more effective ways they can learn and interact with their money.

Because — yes! — I do believe money, budgets, and financial plans can be fun. I also believe that we as financial planners should aim to always find what works for our clients.

And I’ve seen the BudgetingBlocks™ work.

You’ve probably been in a similar situation: your clients make a lot of money, but they spend a lot of money. They don’t really know where their cash goes, and you’re trying to help them figure it out. But all the budgeting systems — spreadsheets, envelope systems, writing down daily expenses — none of it really works for them.

That’s exactly where I was a few years ago, trying to find anything that would help a specific client couple see their money in “real” terms. While I was playing with different ways to approach a financial plan for them, an idea came to me. Building blocks! 

That’s how the BudgetingBlocks™ were born

The first time I used blocks with my clients, I knew this exercise wasn’t just for them… it would be perfect for a lot of people.

I began to process through the exercise, tweaking it so it would be even more impactful for future clients.
I also knew this was something my fellow financial planners could use!

I’ve used this BudgetingBlocks™ exercise with countless couples and, while each discovers something different, everyone has discovered something impactful that changed the way they worked with and felt about their money.

Financial planners have also used this system with their own clients, and have seen firsthand how much visualizing and playing with “money” can help their clients finally see the big picture — and how daily decisions can impact long-term financial plans!

How to use the blocks with your clients

Use blocks to visualize your client’s budget

Using 300 blocks, you can work with each of your clients to lay out their expenses, income, debt, and “leftover cash” to create a budget that works the way your clients do. No more boring spreadsheets, envelope systems, or stressful numbers to calculate. This is a highly visual, interactive budgeting process that will help clients develop a budget that actually works for them.

Create a budget that works for your client

Have your clients tried every budgeting system under the sun? Do they get emotional just talking about their budget? Is money a topic of tension within their marriage, and budget systems have just made it worse? It’s likely because they’ve never had a system that works the way they do… and they’ve never had a financial planner who’s willing to help.

Make your next client meeting FUN

Set aside time to explore the BudgetingBlocks™ with your clients during one of your first meetings. You’ll get clear on their money values, cash flow, and what their specific communication styles are. No more confusing cash flow sheets, overwhelming expense lists, or bank statements. Show your clients how to SEE their money in a new light.

What you’ll receive

The Budgetingblocks™ System Gives You:

  • 300 blocks in two colors

  • The Budget Blocks Values Exercise (easily copied for multiple clients!)

  • Expense and income trackers

  • A simple budgeting exercise to wow your clients

How I use the BudgetingBlocks™ in my own practice

Gamify client meetings

Who said financial planning meetings had to be a bore? This building block budgeting system can be used to play with your clients’ “money” while making real progress on their budgeting goals. Differentiate yourself as a Certified Financial Planner™ with tools your clients actually want to use.

Gifts for clients

Give your clients the gift of a budgeting system that works — and that’s fun to boot. I love giving the BudgetingBlocks™ to new and old clients alike. I also gift a set to my clients’ children to start building the relationship with them, as well.

Get the budget conversation started

As financial planners, we know that trying to create a budget with clients is like pulling teeth. The BudgetingBlocks™ takes a different tack. It starts a conversation about budgeting in a way that feels more organic, that is focused on clients’ values, and that’s more conversational so you don’t have to worry about money fights breaking out in your office.