Budgeting Challenge (re)Play

Access all the videos from the Budgeting Challenge, as well as the worksheets.

How Values Influence Your Budget

With most budgets, you start by looking at one particular set of values: the numbers. We think this why so many people struggle to budget, and why we start with a different set of values: your personal ones.

Applying Your Values to Your Spending

Every person’s values are different, and therefore so is their spending. That is why this video focuses on  how you can evaluate your income and expenses based on what’s important to you, rather than some hard-and-fast rule.

Couples, Money, and Communication Styles

Money can be difficult all on its own. Add in a relationship and two different people’s money styles… and it becomes even more difficult. The key here is understanding what money language your partner speaks, so you can understand each other.

Types of Budgeting Styles

A budget is not one-size-fits-all, even though that’s often what we’re taught. In this video, you’ll learn the different types of budget styles and how to embrace yours so you stop feeling guilty or like you’re “bad with money.”

Creating a Budget That Works for You

Let’s put it all together! This video helps you combine all that you’ve learned in the last four videos to create a budget that works the way YOU do. This is the key to long-term, positive financial habits!

Are you ready to finally feel good about your money… and to start living wealthy now?