Are you thinking about renovating your home? It’s an exciting prospect, and the right projects can improve your quality of life every day. Whether you’d like to change nearly every part of your home or just have a few things that you wish were different, it’s vital to prioritize your projects before you get started.

Even if you have the resources to make all the changes you want to, it’s still essential to pick the ones you want to start with first. Prioritizing your time and money ensures that you won’t get in over your head or end up spending too much on things that aren’t as important to you

Which home renovation projects fit your lifestyle?

So how do you prioritize projects in a home renovation? Think about your lifestyle and your values. What changes and upgrades would give you the most benefits? 

Maybe you and your partner would like to create an interactive backyard play area for your children. Or maybe your kids are older and you’d like to turn your basement into a rec room with some fun entertainment options for them and their friends.

Think about the end results. Which changes would make the most difference in your daily life? Which would match your values? Maybe you’ve come to love the WFH life and want to make it permanent. In that case, a dedicated home office space might be the perfect first project.

Think twice before going full DIY

Thinking about DIYing your renovation project? Take some time to consider everything before taking a sledgehammer to your walls. While there are countless TV shows that make DIY home improvement projects look easy, fun, and budget-friendly, the reality doesn’t always match up.

Sure, you can save money by doing some things yourself instead of hiring a professional. Want to repaint your kid’s room or upgrade the fixtures in your bathrooms? Those are great DIY options. 

But gutting and rebuilding your entire kitchen? Building a second-floor deck? These projects can become complicated and overwhelming very quickly, and the DIY option may end up costing you significantly more time and money than if you’d hired a contractor in the first place.

In general, it’s a good idea to let professionals handle projects related to electrical, HVAC, structural, and plumbing systems, which often require specialized knowledge and equipment. Unless you have experience in these areas, chances are it will be far more time- and cost-efficient to hire an expert.

Make good memories

So, DIY projects aren’t as glamorous in real life as they are on TV, but the experience is worth it, right? Well, maybe. There is something to be said for doing a project with your family, working together, spending time learning how to do something, and feeling that sense of satisfaction at the end. And if one of your priorities is to make those memories with your partner or children, you should honor that value.

But think about what kind of memories you want to make. You don’t want to end up haunted by a project that ended up taking months longer than you thought and costing more than you budgeted for. Try to pick one or two simple projects that have the best chance of ending up as good memories, not nightmares. 

For example, if you’re renovating your kitchen, maybe leave the floors and countertops to the professionals. You could paint the cabinets or replace the hardware and maybe install new light fixtures. That way, you get to make some memories while letting the experts handle the challenging (and expensive) parts of the job.

Enjoy the upgrades to your home

The best place to start a home renovation is with your priorities. Which projects do you want to focus on first? What changes will make the most difference to you and your family? Spend your time and money in a way that supports what you value.

Are you thinking about DIYing your project? It’s a great way to make some memories, but it can also end up in frustration if you choose a task that’s outside your wheelhouse. Despite what HGTV says, DIY isn’t for everyone. If you can’t (or don’t want to) renovate your home yourself, then don’t! Hire a professional and enjoy spending your weekends somewhere other than the hardware store.

It’s exciting to have the means to upgrade your home, and you should absolutely give yourself permission to spend that money and enjoy the results. When you’re ready to start hiring contractors or buying supplies, make sure your budget covers those costs. Check out our BudgetingBlocks™ system if you want a fun and intuitive way to see and manage your money.